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Episode 558 – Coach Pat Summitt’s Definite Dozen

This week Sam shares Coach Pat Summitt’s Definite Dozen as the team discusses leadership principles that have withstood the test of time and how coaches can apply them to their teams.Send us a Message. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:1. Respect Yourself and Others2. Take Full Responsibility3. Develop and Demonstrate Loyalty4. Learn to be a Great Communicator5. […]

Episode 557 – Resetting Each Season

This week we discuss our topic comes to us from a question posed by one of our listeners as we discuss what it takes to incorporate new players into your team. When players leave and new players come in, how do you ensure that your culture as well as your systems and strategies are going […]

Episode 556 – Do Coaches Yell Too much?

This week our topic questions the behavior of basketball coaches on the sideline, simply, are we yelling too much as coaches? In this episode, TJ and Sam discuss the factors that lead to coaches yelling and if and when it’s necessary. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:• Introduction• Expectations of a coach• The best coaching happens in […]

Episode 555 – Second Chair Leadership with Tracy Reynolds

This week, TJ and Sam are joined by Pastor Tracy Reynolds. With a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, Pastor Tracy shares about the importance of second chair leadership, how not to get caught up in comparison or your next career move, and how you can thrive in your leadership role regardless of position. Listen Watch: About […]

Episode 554 – Zak Boisvert, Saint Louis University

This week, Coach Zak Boisvert from Saint Louis University with over 13 years of college coaching experience joins TJ and Sam to discuss building your offense, key elements of player development, along with some quick tips for defense and rebounding. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:• Building out your offense• Motion v. set play offense• Getting players […]

Episode 553 – Attacking Zone Defenses

This week, TJ and Lisa discuss how to attack zone defenses with great habits, spacing, and screening, along with the types of sets you should have in your playbook, and the reminders that you’ll want to give your team next time you see a zone defense. Listen: Watch: Show Notes: