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Episode 552 – When Teammates Don’t Like Each Other

Dick DeVenzio, founder of PGC Basketball, wrote a book titled Think Like a Champion. And in that book is chapter titled, “Teammates You Don’t Like.” This week TJ and Sam discuss that chapter and the insights DeVenzio shares that could be a game-changer for your players individually and as a group next season. Listen: Watch:

Episode 551 – Building Mental Toughness with Matt Phillips

This week we’re joined by Matt Phillips from Pro Athlete Advantage to talk about the secret to peak performance, mental toughness. In this episode Matt defines mental toughness and shares tried and true principles and practices we can put into action to help take our performance and leadership to the next level. Listen: Watch: > […]

Episode 550 – Intensity, the X-Factor

This week we’re discussing how intensity can be your team’s separator next season. In a sports culture where players are playing so many games and rewarded for individual performances over team wins, TJ and Sam discuss how you can bring intensity, energy, and effort to life in your programs. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:

Episode 549 – Making Practice Fun

This week TJ and Sam discuss how coaches strike a balance between creating an intense hard-working and competitive environment with ensuring your players are enjoying their experience invested in the team. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:• Creating the right environment for skill acquisition• Being aware of the player experience• Can it be competitive, hard-working, and fun?• Goal of a […]

Episode 548 – Matthew Smith, Washington State

This week on the Hardwood Hustle we’re joined by Coach Matthew Smith from Washington State to discuss analytics, propelling your coaching career and what we can learn from pickup basketball. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:

Episode 547 – Creating an Off-Season Player Development Plan

It’s easy to go through the off-season just checking boxes… Ball handling drills, check. Passing drills, check. Shooting drills, check. But to ensure your individual players are actually improving, take a more intentional approach and hone in their biggest return on investment. Listen: Watch: Show Notes:• Universal Fundamental skills approach v. Individual approach• SICC Approach• Current […]

Episode 546 – Offensive Actions

This week TJ and Sam discuss what makes offensive actions work including how to utilize different types of screens, combining actions together, personnel implications and how you might steal actions from other teams based on what’s hard to guard. If this episode gets you excited about talking offensive, don’t miss PGC Coaching’s Upcoming Offensive Track. […]

Episode 545 – Developing Shooters with Coach Dave Love

This week we’re joined by NBA Shooting Coach, Dave Love to discuss the most important aspects and essential teaching points of developing better shooters and even fixing broken shots. See show notes below. Listen: Watch: Show Notes: About Coach Dave Love:For the past 18 years, Dave has coached players of all levels to improve their shooting, […]

Episode 544 – Iowa Women’s BBall and the Read & React Offense

Iowa women’s basketball just made another run to the National Championship Game, and did you know they run the Read & React offense? This week, Rick Torbett from Better Basketball joins TJ and Sam to discuss what makes for good offense and how Iowa’s system has set Caitlin Clark and her teammates up for success. […]

Episode 543 – Having Courageous Conversations with Mano Watsa

On the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough and this week, PGC President, Mano Watsa joins the show to share how having courageous conversations can transform your program by building more trust and ensuring more growth. Listen: To take your defensive to the next level, join PGC Coaching’s 4-Week Defensive Strategies Track for […]