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Episode 558 – Coach Pat Summitt’s Definite Dozen

Hardwood Hustle Podcast

The Hardwood Hustle podcast brought to you by PGC Basketball seeks to educate, empower and encourage coaches around the world. 

Your hosts, coaches TJ Rosene and Sam Allen share their experiences and perspectives centered around the game of basketball. Guest interviews from the biggest names in basketball and beyond, provide keen insights into how coaches can achieve a high level of success and be transformational in the lives of their players.

The Hardwood Hustle has been equipping and inspiring the basketball community since 2014. Allow our guides TJ and Sam to journey with you and help you enjoy a fulfilling coaching career season after season.


We host discussions and interviews with some of the best minds in the game to provide you with keen insights and a strong foundation for your growth as a coach.


Knowledge is power only if we know how to apply it. We focus on sharing practical principles and strategies you can implement in your coaching and with your teams.


We hate seeing great coaches leave the game. We're here to support a community of transformational coaches who want to win both on and off the court..

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