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Episode 490 – Learnings from March Madness

This week, TJ and Sam discuss recent March Madness events and coaching strategies. In this episode they cover off rebounding, 3 pt shooting, game pressure, style of play, and what wins come tournament time.



Show Notes:

  • Rebounding
    • Is boxing out overrated
    • Not all rebounders are created equal
    • Personnel
    • Make it an all the time thing
  • Game Pressure & 3 pt Shooting
    • What lowers a team’s percentage
    • Getting ahead of it
    • Attacking the moment
  • Style of Play & What Wins
    • Tournament v. Regular Season
    • Being a Tournament Team


The Read & React Offense

Become un-scoutable, create high-percentage shots, and gain a competitive edge. When mastered, the Read & React will likely score your team 10-15 more points per game.

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In 35 Minutes You’ll Learn How To…

  • Teach players to play (not A BUNCH OF plays)
    Set plays eventually come to an end or break down. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to how to teach your players to create their own possessions without the need for you to call set plays.
  • Play your best 5 any time
    The standard set play requires a certain 5 on the floor to fill positions. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to put your best 5 on the floor any time. This system allows room for every type of player.
  • Get 100% accountability from your team
    Coaches are always asking, “how do I hold my team accountable?” I’ll show you how to kill the blame game and get 100% accountability out of your team.