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Episode 509 – Picking Your Starting 5

It takes some work to get the pieces of our teams to come together and complement each other. In this week’s episode, we discuss what factors into picking your starting five, managing your rotations, and how to get everyone bought into the team’s success.



Show Notes:
– Starting the game well
– Finding complementary parts and playing small
– Be afraid to switch it up
– Who you’re bringing off the bench and when
– Identifying and communicating roles
– Getting your team to buy-in
– Not making decisions in a silo
– Fitting players into your system
– Knowing your personnel
– Pivoting when it’s not working
– When superstars don’t mesh
– Team culture implications
– Golden State examples
– Helping players step up into roles and thrive

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The Read & React Offense

Become un-scoutable, create high-percentage shots, and gain a competitive edge. When mastered, the Read & React will likely score your team 10-15 more points per game.

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  • Teach players to play (not A BUNCH OF plays)
    Set plays eventually come to an end or break down. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to how to teach your players to create their own possessions without the need for you to call set plays.
  • Play your best 5 any time
    The standard set play requires a certain 5 on the floor to fill positions. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to put your best 5 on the floor any time. This system allows room for every type of player.
  • Get 100% accountability from your team
    Coaches are always asking, “how do I hold my team accountable?” I’ll show you how to kill the blame game and get 100% accountability out of your team.