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Episode 537 – What’s Underrated in Practice

Usually it’s the little things that can have the biggest impact on your team’s performance. TJ Rosene and Sam Allen discuss four underrated aspects of basketball practices especially mid-season when the pressure ramps up, and the desire to enhance your offensive and defensive scheme is high. They dive into passing, rebounding, playing powerful, and shooting and emphasize the how and why behind their importance so as to not regret overlooking them at the end of your season.


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The Read & React Offense

Become un-scoutable, create high-percentage shots, and gain a competitive edge. When mastered, the Read & React will likely score your team 10-15 more points per game.

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In 35 Minutes You’ll Learn How To…

  • Teach players to play (not A BUNCH OF plays)
    Set plays eventually come to an end or break down. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to how to teach your players to create their own possessions without the need for you to call set plays.
  • Play your best 5 any time
    The standard set play requires a certain 5 on the floor to fill positions. Not the Read & React. I’ll show you how to put your best 5 on the floor any time. This system allows room for every type of player.
  • Get 100% accountability from your team
    Coaches are always asking, “how do I hold my team accountable?” I’ll show you how to kill the blame game and get 100% accountability out of your team.